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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Year of Ballet - 3rd year

Ella began her 3rd year of ballet.  She has decided to do ballet and modern dance.  

She keeps saying " I'm a purple girl."

Her leotard is light purple.

So, hair up, pins in, earrings, and two teeth gone - we are ready for another year of dance.

pink is her 1st year                  light blue is her 2nd year                              light purple is her 3rd year

So proud of you Ella for tackling another year of ballet.

On another note:  if you didn't know I LOVE SWEETS.  Sweets are something I do after every meal.  Well this weekend I had the best sweet stuff.  McDonald's has introduce the Caramel Apple Sundae.  I am not a big caramel fan but let me just say - Yummo!!

They are so good  - I had one Saturday night then I had to go back and have one on Sunday.  When I went to the grocery store believe me I loaded up on vanilla ice cream, caramel, and apples.  Who would have thought about putting apple in your ice cream.  

I have a new favorite sweet treat.  

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