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Monday, August 8, 2011

Lots of New at our House

Seth started TaeKwonDo a few months back.  Thanks to the Karate Kid Movie.  He really wants to learn karate or TaeKwonDo.  He had his first belt test on Friday.  He earned his stripes to test several weeks ago but with vacations and his uneasiness to test, we just now were ready.

He is now a High White Belt.  This is his teacher Master Surendra.  What a wonderful teacher Master Surendra is.  He is stern but at the same time can make them laugh.  He pushes them beyond themselves.  Seth is grinning all during class.  We are proud of Seth for earning his high white belt.  He says that his goal is black belt.

We started football with hitting on Saturday. Full Dress pads, helmet and hot. It is crazy how hot it is for football practice at 6:30. I think he looks so grown up. I am beginning to see a young man in that skin. Wow. I have looked at him all day and kept thinking how "grown" he is beginning to look. How responsible he is beginning to act. How his features are changing. His shape/form is beginning to change.
I told him that I loved his tight pants. He started laughing. Can't wait to start cheering for him in the football game. We have been very proud of him. Lots of learning goes on when your on that football field.

Does he look like Jeff or what?

Okay the little ones love when Garrett goes to practice becuase they have run of the house.  Look what they came up with . . .

They have been roaming the house like little spies.

School starts this week.  Year 4 of homeschooling.  We will have a 7th grader, a 4th grader and a Kindergarten.  First day of getting up at 7:00.  Ahh!  where did summer go?

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