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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Beach days with the Kids

This has been a whirlwind of a trip.  Jeff's mom, Noni, is having some major trouble with her back and legs.  Pain that has ended her up in the ER about 15 times times in 1 week and a half.  Crazy.  So needless to say I want go throught the entire story.  Our plans for the beach and how to get the children home changed about 5 times in 3 days.  Crazy.  Every time I talked to Jeff it was about a new game plan.  It has all worked out.  I didn't have the computer until yesterday so I am catching up on the past week. 

Snuggling together the first morning at the beach.  We left from church on Sunday night which was around 7:30 or so.  We arrived around 11:30 pm at the beach.  So the next morning was hard to get going.

The first day was raining and overcast.  We were able to go outside and play about 3 hours or so without rain. The water was cold.  It is fun to watch Ella's expression of the beach for the first time each year.  I am not sure she remembers what the beach is about from year to year so it is like her doing things and seeing the waves for the first time.  Pretty fun to watch.  She loves to run from the waves.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the waves were huge. Garrett and Seth spent their entire time in the water.  They would buggy board for a while, then go out without board to jump waves.  Then repeat the process.  They never stopped.

This is Ella buggy boardin'.  So funny.  She would lie down in the sandy part and wait for the water.  She was talking herself throught the steps as she did it. 

We did MaqiQuest the first night, then mini golf the second day. The golf course was cool.  We had to take a train ride to the top of the course.  Ella loved it.

Seth hit two hole in ones on our golf trip.  He was worried about the par for each hole and would ask each time.

Garrett and Ella

Seth and Ella (do they not look alike or what)

The kids love walking to the inlet.  They caught minnows, horseshoe crabs and regular crab.  This is always a place we come and spend a few hours.

My kids spend alot of time snacking at the beach.  Seth and Ella taking a break

Joseph came to the beach late Wednesday night and spent the day with us Thursday.  We bought the game Bocce Ball on our Thursday trip to WalMart.  We had seen alot of people playing on the beach.  The kids kept wanting to play. 

So Thursday was not the buggy board or ocean day but Bocce ball. We played and played and played. Very fun. Even Ella can play. This is Jospeh and Garrett

We all kept talking about Garrett's hair.  So we took a picture. 
We all have bad hair at the beach.  HAHA

Joseph then drove my children home to meme's house for the rest of the week and weekend.  They left the beach around 7:30pm.  It is very hard for a mom to watch all of her kids ride away in a car.  I think I cried for an hour or so after they left.  I had to come in and clean up and I kept finding little things that they had left behind.  Whoa! 

Well the next morning I read my Proverbs Devotions, which actually came on Thursday morning.  It talked about Planning Funerals that Won't Happen Today.  WOW!  I so needed this.  It talked about how we as moms don't allow our kids to do certain things because in our mind's eye we picture the whole process of danger if we say yes so we say "no".  We think that we can control and keep our kids safe from harm.  We carry the pressure of thinking that everything rises and falls on whether we can control things.  We know the realities of living in a broken world.  It is hard on a mama's heart. 

So we have two choices:  1.  Run myself ragged with a sense of control that can't really protect them
2.  I can ask God to help me make wise decisions and choose to rest my mind on the truth

God has assigned each of my kids a certain number of days.  My choices can add to the quality of their life but not the quantity. 

I know more days will come that I have this feeling again that I did Thursday night as my children drove away without me but I hope to have a better understanding of the truths in the Bible that will settle my heart in a better place. 

Help me not to focus on this fear, but focus on You, Your truths, Your love, Your power. 

I so needed this.  God and his timing provided me with so much peace.

The next post is why the kids had to go home with Joseph.

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