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Monday, March 8, 2010

Beautiful Weekend

Well Spring is beginning to come.  It is still cold to me but the sun is out and it is nice.  We had some running to do yesterday.  We had to be back at church but didn't have enough time to come back home.  So we decided to visit a playground at my old school.  Here is the fun.
A seesaw.  Not to many playgrounds have these anymore.  She was amazed.

Everybody had to seesaw with Ella because she didn't want to get off.

She is really good at the monkey bars.

The boys decided to play basketball.

Is Jeff giving directions?
You can see how tall Garrett is.  His dad only has a year or so left.

We enjoyed being outside as a family.  Having Jeff with us was nice.  The boys played, the girls played then we played some together.

Some random pictures I found:

This is Garrett waiting for the doctor.  He had a fungus on his chin like athelete's foot.  This is Ella at the doctor when it is not her turn.   Laughs, talks, smiles.  Different story when it is her turn.

This is the best brother.  We were waiting for a car inspection.  She wants up to see what he is doing and he kindly agrees.  Thanks for being a great brother Garrett.

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