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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Another week has gone by and no blogging.  What is happening.  I have great intentions at the beginning of the week, then crazy schedule breaks out and it is Monday or Tuesday again.   We were able to go to the Checkers game on Saturday night.  It was CMHA hockey night at the game.  The boys were introduced during the periods and got to skate on the ice.  They were super excited.  It was also Breast Cancer night so the Checkers were in pink and blue jerserys.

A nice friend of our gave us his companies Suite tickets.  So nice.  Great seats.  We thought we were special.

Seth and I got new hats to wear. 

This is Seth.  He just got introduced.  Garrett is the next in line with the red helmet.

Do you see both of the Weddine Boys?  Nice they were standing beside each other. 
Since it was Breast Cancer night, Chubby had pink hair.  Ella wasn't with us so I knew she would want to see Chubby. 

This was the suite that we were in.  Plenty of seats, room to move around during the game, up high so that you didn't have to look through the glass, and comfortable seats.

Here is another angle.  It looks like you are in a hotel room.  You even have a person to push the elevator buttons for you.  This is how the other people live.  What a way to watch a game.

The Checkers even won the game.  FUN night.

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