"But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD." Joshua 24:15d

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Happy 18th Anniversary

We celebrated our 18th Anniversary on May 20.
We enjoyed just a fun few hours eating, chatting and coffee.
We continue to do our date night fun.  This time the envelope held
We Marriage
The date was based on the Wii. 
We love the ideas that this website gives for dates.  The questions give you
things to talk about like you did when you were first dating.  We really enjoyed these
You must choose one from each “Would You Rather?”
The player with the We Marriage™ Meal Controller drives to the restaurant without telling the other player where they are going.
On the drive, the player with the We Marriage™ Remote Control reads the questions on the following page.
Would you Rather?
Be as BIG as King Kong?
Be as BIG as a mouse?

Go one week WITHOUT taking a shower?
Go one week WITHOUT brushing your teeth?
 Be sucked into a Pirates of the Caribbean movie?
Be sucked into a Star Wars movie?

Be born with an elephant trunk?
Be born with an giraffe neck?

Not eat sugar for a week?
Not eat meat for a week?

Always wear earmuffs?
Always wear a nose plug?

Be the sand castle?
 Be the wave?

Only be able to whisper?
 Only be able to shout?
Lots of fun with these.
We have truly realized what a Biblical Marriage looks like.  Each of us know that this marriage
things is work.  We have learned to talk and listen very well.
Looking forward to the big 20 anniversary with this guy.

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