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Friday, February 1, 2013

The Beauty of Homeschooling

I count these pictures below as "Beauties of Homeschooling"  These are moments and things that happen because the kids are homeschooled.  Seth had a friend spend the night a few Thursdays ago and Garrett had a friend the following Thursday. 
We still have a full day of co-op on Thursday.  The friends spent the night and went home on Friday morning.  This gave us time to do our work on Friday just with a later start.
I enjoy seeing how all ages gather together to learn from each other.  What a gift to be able to spend time with your brother and sister and teach them.

The 4th week of co-op is project week.  Garrett and Seth both have been planning, creating, writing, working, and typing for their presentations.
 The "Beauty" in this is seeing it happen.  Teaching them the thinking and the process from beginning to end is such a work but smiles when all is done.  Both boys are intently working on items for their project.  At this moment, my house was calm and quiet.  Ha.
Allowing myself to take advantage of these moments is hard for me.  But after schooling for 5 years, I am beginning to stop and let these "Beauties" happen. 
These moments happen often at our house.  I could capture many "Beauties" that happen throughout the day.  To catch them when these moments of learning are taking place is why I love being their teacher.

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