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Friday, January 18, 2013

Grandma Ella

Ella was requesting several big girl things for Christmas. 
One request was an eye shade.  I don't know the "technical" name for this.

Each night she has it on top of her head as we head in to kiss her goodnight.  I just about lose it each night.  She is 6. 

The picture below I caught of her one morning before she woke up.  I guess it stays on all night.

Another request was the hair towel.  She has certain requirements for her wet hair and putting on her pjs.  She doesn't like her wet hair to touch her dry pjs.  We were drying her hair while she was wrapped in a towel.  Now we have Turbie Twist.  She loves it.  The first time was a failure because we didn't know which way the towel went on her head.  We are experts now.

She wants to play a game while her hair somewhat dries under the twist.

Once she found out I was taking the picture, she was embarrassed.  So we call her grandma around her.  She loves her pj's, robe, and hair towel.  So many requirements for such a little lady.

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