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Monday, July 23, 2012

Williamsburg Vacation 2012

 DAY 1

We decided back in March that we would be heading to Williamsburg, VA for vacation.  These are the events for the first day of touring.

Games on the Green were the first touch of what we were in for at this place.  Garrett is playing Trap Ball.  All the kids loved this game.

 We decided to take a Kids Orientation Tour to kinda help familiarize ourselves with how Williamsburg worked.  This kids are playing on things of old while we wait.

 On our travels, we met Will.  This guy was to fun. 
 Another thing we signed up for was The Apprentice.  This took the kids through three different trades of old.  It was really hands on.  They visited the Silversmith.  They were able to make silver spoons.
 Next was the printing press.  Ella and Seth were able to print on a paper and bring it home.


 The last stop of The Apprentice was the Milliner shop.  Ella enjoyed this but Seth loves to sew buttons. 
 After touring three shops, we headed to the brickyard.  We were able to "mush" in clay to help the brickyard.  I really was in the "mush" as well.  Oh my!  this took a lot of encouraging for me to do.  YUCK.
 This is how you washed your feet when you finished.  Let me tell you.  I had socks and tennis shoes to put back on after mushing and washing in the lovely pool of water.  No towel, no tissues, nothing to dry my foot. 

 We had a few snack breaks
 Anytime they decide the other one is getting on their nerves, I am going to show them this picture. 
 After a full day at Williamsburg, we came back to the resort to swim and play mini golf.  As we were playing, we saw the deer right in the field behind us.  Too cool.  Ella wanted to be sure Jeff had his gun.
 The sunset as we played mini golf.
 We parked at the visitors center each day and rode the bus into the plantation.  Ella loved not having a car seat or seat belt.  It's the little things in life that make us smile.

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