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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ella is a Ridin'

Well this little one has been on her dad to ride the 4 wheeler.  Jeff was not to happy about it.  The day had finally come for her to ride.  These were the laps we took together for me to explain to her what to do.

After trips around the yard, off she goes on her own.  

2012-07-03 19.48.09.jpg 
This little one rode and rode.

She decided to take a break, a thumb break.  She said that is was hard work pushing the gas with her thumb so long.

She was so proud when Mr. Mike and Mrs. Jeanne, our neighbors, came over to see her doing this "BIG" thing.  They have been our neighbors since we have moved in 12 years ago.  We have seen their kids grow up and vise versa.  

This is Ella talking to Mr. Mike about the 4 wheeler.  

2012-07-03 19.47.27.jpg

Mr. Mike and Mrs. Jeanne gave this 4 wheeler to Seth a few years back.  He said keep it and ride it.  Their children are now 20 and 17 so cars are more important.

Fun time in the summer.


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