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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Co-op Presentation Night

At the end of each semester for co-op, we have presentation night.  This gives our homeschoolers an audience for performing.  Since we have studied American History from the Civil War until present, Ella's class did a play about Harriet Tubman.

This is Harriet Tubman

 Ella had several lines.  Amazing how this girl can memorize.
 I think Jeff and I had it memorized as well since we had gone over this play many many times.
 After her presentation, she ended up on Garrett's lap.  Love the fact that she wants to be with her big brother.  Love even more that Garrett will allow her to sit with him.  Not beside him but on his lap. 
Some how I missed Seth.  He learned sign language to the Fruit of the Spirit.  Garrett's class did a silent movie.  Garrett was Sherlock Holmes.  It was great.  

This is our third year with Lee Park Co-op.  HELP is the acronym for our group.  Incredible group of families that love the Lord and love homeschooling.  

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