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Monday, March 19, 2012

All Things Ella

Since I have not been very faithful in posting, this is going
 to be catch.  So I am starting with all things Ella.  
She is such a character at our house.  

She never ceases to amaze me with all her doings.

She has been wanting curls in her hair but the idea of 
rollers doesn't thrill her.  She finally decided that we could curl her hair. 

She sat for 45 minutes

 The back view.  I guess I need lessons in curling little girl hair
 because we took the rollers down to find straight hair.
 (Why I didn't take an after picture I have no idea).  

This is her idea of a tent.  She built this all day so that she 
could sleep here.  By the way, she slept her for one night 
on the hard floor.  Since it is in the middle of the den, I made
 her clean it up after she got up.  She wanted this to be her 
new sleeping spot.
Now that she can read simple beginner books, she wants to read all the time.  
Anybody that will listen, she will read.  That is a big deal.  
She wants to know how to spell everything and read everything.

Journal time in the morning.  Every morning the kids have a topic.  
Each one writes on the same topic.  I set the timer for 7 minutes.  
The pencil cannot stop moving.  I am trying to encourage them to just get 
their thoughts on the paper and not really thing about the mechanics of writing.  

 Hopefully this will help later in their writing. 
 Ella and Garrett are doing BrainPop together. 
 This is an app for the Ipad.  So cool.  
Listen and watch a video each day then answer 10 questions. 
This little one keeps us on our toes. 
 She is a light at our house that shines bright.  Her spirit is incredible.  
After you have been with Ella, you are happy, exhausted and filled with love. 

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