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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Nutcracker Weekend

I posted earlier about dress rehearsal for the Nutcracker.  This weekend was the big weekend.

Ella had one show on Friday and two shows on Saturday. 

This was her nutcracker sweatshirt.  Every cast members name is on the back.  She loved seeing her name printed on the shirt. 

Tip toeing - her big part- she is on the left

 These are the six cherubs in the dressing room waiting to perform.

 I thought this was the funniest picture.  Ella had performed the first show.  After the first show, we came home to chill.  Ella was all fixed for the show.  She came home and let her hair down, had a snack and laid back. 

Meme gave Ella a new ballet nutcracker and flowers.

This family is really a hockey family.  Garrett and Seth have played hockey with both of these boys for 5 years or so.  Ella invited Mrs. Marsha to the show.  She had all the boys of the family come as well.  All three boys were not that thrilled they were spending their Saturday night at a ballet performance.  They sure made one little girl so happy.  They also brought her flowers.  (check out her feet - all fixed in a ballet position)

So proud of our little cherub in her very 1st nutcracker.

I told Jeff that I think he had many years of the nutcracker to come.

Ella is enjoying performing.  She loves to do makeup and hair for the show.

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