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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Last Week's Fun

Last Week Recap

Ella decided she was going to be the teacher.  She lined up her animals, pulled out the whiteboard, grab her notebook and she was teaching. 

My oh My!  Chip off the old block Ha

Friday, we left for Greenville, NC to visit my cousin Erica at ECU.  She called it a "Girl's Weekend".

Ella had a great time.  She decided that the girl's weekend meant shopping and stores.

1st purchase a stuffed kitty in a pocketbook.  This child loves stuffed animals

Waiting outside in Washington, NC for the other girls

Playing Pop the Pig game with Erica in her apartment. 

Well off to run.  I invited Garrett to go run with me.  So he agreed.  It was alot of fun to chat and run.  He did very well.  PS  he is still 12 years old.  He has grown taller than his momma by alot.

Halloween and birthdays are just around the corner.

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