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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer so far

CRAZY busy at VBS.  We had the Big Apple Adventure last week.  Anyone that has helped during 5 days of VBS knows why I didn't post last week.  We were super busy each day.  This is Ella with her bestest grown-up friend ever.  Trisha, you have a dear little one who adores you.  Thanks for treating her so special.

Saturday, we were out of power for 4 hours so we spent some time outside.  This was Ella attire.  Had to take a picture.  She cracks me up.

We decided to give Jeff his Father's Day gifts. 
Ella was so excited to give him presents.

New trick at the pool
Ella on Garrett's shoulders

They also do a front move. She laughs so hard

This little girl has decided to swim.  She stays under the water more than on top.  She loves to throw the rockets,  rings, pick up leaves for Noni, and just swim.

I love this picture under the water.

Ahhh!  Now we can slow down and enjoy so summer fun

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