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Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day 2010

A day to honor the wonderful men in our life. 
1st is Jeff.  A wonderful daddy to three little people who thinks he is a fun, exciting, silly, strong, not smarter than mommy, and just great to hang out with and play at home.  I look to him for guidance, wisdom, refuge, and love.  He is a Godly man that leads our household.  We have started praying together at night right before bed.  Jeff leads the family in prayer as we end our day together.  He gives and gives and gives so much.  He provides for our family not just home, bills, and groceries, but for me to stay home and homeschool our kids.  Amazing.  He loves to get up early and just get going.  He has run his first half-marathon this year and training for another one.  He has lost down to smaller than when we met and kept it off ( that's the trick, ha).  We got him a washer game for Father's Day.   Ready to try it out.

Happy Father's Day Jeff

He is even a dad that can sew -  well take strings out of his baseball pants so they are exactly the way he wants them. 

Then on to the other great fathers in our life. 
Jeff's Dad, Bill

We celebrated with Jeff's dad yesterday at the pool.  What fun.  This is the men having their own conversation and solving all the problems of the world. 

We are celebrating with my dad tonight with deli sandwiches and chips.  Pictures to come.
These are random pictures from yesterday at the pool

Garrett and Seth enjoying the wonderful pool at Noni's

Seth and Mallory, his cousin, heading to the creek

Those men just chatting, Jeff's Dad, Jeff and Joe, Jeff's brother in law

Ella and Mallory playing dress up - Ella's Halloween costumes that she just loves  - she even has her hand up to claw and meow - She even takes the markers to paint whiskers and a pink nose

She had to wear it home

We had fun!

Father's day with my dad happened on Monday.  Mom and Dad came over to eat supper.  After supper, we went outside to play washers.  Jeff got this for Father's Day.
This is Ella and Meme.  Of course, she had to take a turn to throw.

Seth was waiting on Papa to throw.  Mom and Dad had never played this game.  He has a set on order now for the lake.  We are not very good yet.

Garrett kept giving pointer from the sidelines.  He was trying to tell meme that she was leaning over to far. 

Jeff and Garrett resting between games.  We had a great night just being outside. 
This is what summer is all about.

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