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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

This has become one of my favorite days.  My children get so excited.  They work really hard to plan something very special.  Jeff took all of them shopping on Thursday while I was at Co-op.  The stories they came home with are funny.  Anytime you have a three year old, it is hard for them to contain themselves about what they just bought.  So Friday, she could hold it any longer.  She told me.  The boys were not happy.  But Jeff had other surprises that she didn't know about so it all worked out.

We call her Little miss - Missy Moo - Sweetness
She is so precious - Not sure what the years hold with a girl but I know right now that we are enjoying all the "girl stuff".  I really wanted a little girl and couldn't imagine my life without a girl.  God, in his wonderful timing, gave it to me.  Child #3. 

By the way, look at Ella hand again- there is the princess hand again.
Seth - Mr. Neat Freak - worries about clothes and matching.  He loves things in order and in there place.  He always has something in his pockets to keep him busy.  He request certain haircuts.  He is a gadget guy.  He enjoyes crafts, making anything, dress up, legos.  He has the biggest imagination.  He saves his money to buy big items (his ipod touch).  He is so is dad.  Loves his mom and hates to be away from me.   He always ask my opinion and what I am doing.  He pays attention to anything new I have.  Alittle reserve in doing things, like sports or up in front of a crowd.  Very sure of himself but unsure at the same time.  He is my little side kick.

Garrett - Mr. Do Anything - sign me up - Likes to be in athletic shorts and a t-shirt.  Combing his hair and brushing his teeth are not on the top of his to-do list.  Does everything quick and fast.  Has a photographic memory.  He can read something one time and knows it.  Does math in his head.  Can memorize scripture, songs, lines of a play in mintues.  He loves to joke and pick around.  He is learning to be a great big brother and helper to his little ones.  He loves hockey, watching TV, playing a video game, and being with other people, and talking.  He will usually make you laugh in just a few minutes with what he comes up with

Children are such a blessing.  I love so many things about each one of them.  It is an honor to be able to stay home with them and enjoy being with them each and every day.  They make life fuller.  

Thanks Garrett, Seth and Ella for making me a mommy.
Thanks to Jeff for making this such a Big Deal at our house and taking the children shopping.
Happy Mother's Day 2010 

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