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Friday, April 23, 2010


What a fun time we had on the "Mickey Boat" as Ella called it.  We just got home last night.  I forgot how much fun a cruise was.  Pampered and treated so well.  Everything whenever you want it.  Here are a few pictures of our vacation on the Disney Cruise.
This is at our hotel the day before we left.  Ella was learning to swim in the freezing pool.  We left home about 3:30 am to get to mom's house to leave by 4:00am to drive 8-1/2 hours to Florida.  It was great to get out of the car and swim for awhile even though it was overcasted and a freezing pool.
Our resturant we ate at with meme, Joseph and Ella.
We walked down to the beach after dinner.  Seth and Ella were playing in the water.  Did I remind you that it was overcasted, freezing and windy?  This is not what I signed up for when we decided to take a vacation in Florida.
On the boat.  The terminal where we loaded the boat is in the background.
The moment Ella was waiting for - MICKEY - she visited a few hundred characters or so.  She loved everyone.  Every character she thought she would see, she did.
Mickey was everywhere. Even in our waffles for breakfast
Garrett has a story about this picture.
Ella swimming in Mickey's ear at the Mickey pool.  The water in the Mickey pool was heated to a toasty 81 degrees. 
This is where Seth spent most of his time.  The Goofy pool which had this huge TV screen which showed movies and videos while you swam. 
Seth decided to snorkel in Castaway Cay.  What a nice island.  We spent the entire day in the sun and sand.  We had a BBQ on the island that day.
I realized that my camera has been flipped to sephia tone so all my picture on the island are not so good.  But once we were one the ship and sailing away did I find the color button again.  This is Mom, Ella and Seth looking at Castaway Cay as we were sailing away.  Incredible place.
This is Seth and Ella heading to the Pirate night.  The entire night was focused on Pirates of the Caribbean since we were in the Caribbean.  Fantastic fun.  There was a deck party that night.  Mickey even perpelled down on a zip line and then firework were shot from our boat.  Only Disney!!  Top notch.
Ella meeting her favorite princess Snow White in her Snow White dress.  She met four princesses on the boat.  She was fasinated with them.
God showed off to us in many ways with his creation but on our last night as we were heading to dinner this is what he gave us.  A beautiful sunset like only God can do.  In the middle of the ocean on a huge ship, God showed off.  What a spectacular sight, especially in person.
Back on dry land and in port off the boat.  What a great vacation.  My children are already asking if we can go back next year.  Great fun and memories for years to come.  Unbelievable.  Thanks for a great trip Mom. 

Garrett is not in many pictures because he spent most of his days with his out and about group which he loved.  He did so many cool games, activities and events.  He met some great friends from England, Georgia, and even North Carolina Raleigh area.  I realized it was time to let go so he could begin to spread his wings just a little.  Hard to do but great rewards will come later as he is released alittle at a time.  He can't stop talking about all the cool things he did just he didn't have mom right there to take pictures of it all.

Ready to go again!!!!

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