"But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD." Joshua 24:15d

Monday, April 26, 2010

Back to routine

It is so nice to have a vacation.  It helps me focus again on the important things instead of such a schedule.  I am such a checklist person and get in such a frenzy when I can't get the checklist done by 12 noon so really I can add more to my checklist.  I find my brain in such a whirlwind.  This effect my family because of my attitude.  I am trying to focus on a few things lately.
1.  Husband and his need - pay attention more to what he likes and wants instead of so brain locked on what I can't have
2.  The way my children talk to each other.  I noticed when we were gone how much they get frustrated with each other, put each other down and just jab at each other non stop.  Well Jeff and I don't do that and they don't have to listen to us do that so they aren't going to either.  I am trying to figure out tactle ways to handle those situations.  My children are together most of the time.  Giving them their own space and time apart. 
3.  Not letting schedule drive me soooooo much.  I hate the whirlwind of day to day stuff.  Slow down and enjoy.

So after reflection from the trip - here goes the happenings of us

SETH GOT BAPTIZED  - what an incredible joy as a parent when your child not only shares with you his decision and ask for your guidance in how to become a Christian but takes the next step and follows in baptism.    WOW!  Words can't express how proud we are. 
What a great little face


He usually is a very unsure and nervous child when it comes to different things.  He asked a million questions about this and that and almost talks himself out of it.  Well God gave Seth such a peace and comfort.  He was ready and excited.  Only God can give the reassurance that we need.


Garrett's desk that he had to meet today

Seth's desk

The lesson plan book that met us this morning for the routine to get back going

On the count down 5 Weeks to go

Remember the old toy - we just got new ones for summer - Seth loves them.  He wants to hula hoop two at the time

Garrett is getting ready to start golf lessons.  He has gone with Jeff a couple of time.  He loves it.  Haha!  Another expensive sport.  What is it with my child.

Ella decided to play "Little Mommy".  I even got to babysit her baby.  Too funny.

Then the kites came out again.  WOW!  It was windy.  The boys were flying the kites really high.

Spring is a great time.  We love being outside and playing.  No better time to enjoy our kids.

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