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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Starter of Game

Seth was asked to be the Starter of the Game for the last home Checkers Game.  He was so excited.  We got to go through the security entrance, fed hot dog, walk underneath where the players go, and skate on the ice.  He got to sit on the bench during warm ups and stand on the blue line during the national anthem.  Lots of fist pounds too.

Waiting on the bench for the players to come out

Looking up at the cool score board

Players speaking to him on the bench.  #11 is the captain for the team.  Seth was being a little shy.

Walking out after the team to go on the ice.  He was fist pounding the fans like the Checkers were.

On the ice for the National Anthem (this is with my flip camera so little blurry)

His information on the big screen

His sweet picture on big screen

Close up that I almost missed

Neat seats for the game

He loved all of this.  He was so excited.  Alittle unsure at first but he is my child that likes to know what is happening and he didn't want to do anything wrong.  He was all smiles and bouncing after his time on the ice.

Thanks Susan, Lori and Cooper, Mom and Dad for coming to the game to support Seth.  (Noni and Popa took Garrett to his practice so we could go to the game with Seth)  Thanks Noni and Popa for giving up your chance to see Seth so Jeff and I could go and taking Garrett too.

It will be hard to sit in regular seat again now that we have been treated so great last night and then sitting in the suite seats that a friend let us have. 

Great Fun - So pround of Seth.

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Anonymous said...

Wow Seth!! I really enjoyed the pics of your wonderful experience. We are so proud of you. Keep up the good work!

Ms. Kyra