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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Ahhhh!! I don't know what to do

Garrett has been having this skin issue for over a year now.  He is non-stop itching.
I have take him to the doctor over and over.  We decided to go to the allergy doctor for another round of trying to figure this all out. 

Allergy testing 

 The final result

only grasses

So a week later on medication and lotions this is what he looks like 

We head back to the doctor for more help.  She test him again for additional things.  She gives him other directions for his meds. and lotion.

I am searching out lotions and living oils.  If only I could get him to participate in the oils.  He is a 
little not so sure of it.  I am hoping that being at home this summer will give me chance to help him.

I also have him on a vitamin regiment with some liver cleansing.  We will see.    

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