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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Last Day of Co-op

December 6th was a grand day -  Last day of co-op for this semester.  In order for us to 
make it to this day, we had lots of work to do.  Garrett has a paper and presentation to prepare.
Seth had a presentation to prepare.  Seth and Ella both decided to participate in the Science Fair.
Yes, all in one day.

Garrett presenting his King Solomon song

 Above, Ella is dipping her newspaper strips into a flour mixture for her volcano science experiment.
She was thrilled with her final work.
 A Hershey bar for participation was worth all the work.

By the way, Seth won 1st place in the Elementary age group.  By the time I made it our to him to take a picture, he had dismantle his board and set up.

As a celebration of co-op being over, we headed to the ice rink with friends.  This was some of our groups first time ice skating.

Love this gang of friends.

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