"But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD." Joshua 24:15d

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Goodbye Playhouse

My dad built this playhouse when Garrett was 3 years old.  It had stairs in it for an upstairs loft.  Garrett painted the inside walls.  Toys have come into this house to provide many hours of fun.  

Seth began playing in the playhouse.  Up and Down the steps giving us heart attacks.  Be careful came out of our mouths very often.  Hanging over the rails provided fun for little boys. 

 This playhouse has been a fort, a great hiding place, a command center, a pretend house, mission control, a tent with sleeping bags, a back stop for baseballs, a kitchen, and many other adventures.  

We have been using the playhouse for extra storage for many years.  Ella wasn't very fond of the playhouse because it may have a bug or two in it.  (Girls, girls, girls)  So it was time to say goodbye to the playhouse and pass it along to another family with little ones.

We had to take pictures.  We talked a great deal about getting rid of the playhouse.  Ella decided that would be a great idea for another little boy or girl to have it UNTIL the day came for the playhouse to leave.  


I let her take pictures.  This made her happy.  She let me know that this would help her remember the playhouse. 

This makes me realize that we no longer have little ones at our house but moving into the true Big Kid phase.  Let the new adventures begin.

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