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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lake, Father's Day and a Birthday

We enjoyed a day at the lake Saturday.  We were able to celebrate several things in one trip.  

We went over early in the day to spend time with my dad to celebrate Father's Day.  How I escaped without a picture of my dad is beyond me.  Come to think of it I don't really have too many pictures of my dad.  Mission - pictures of my dad

We had a really great golf cart driver for the day.  My kids love being at the lake.  We now have to take turns driving since everyone is big enough to take the honors.  

Ella and Seth (at the moment) being kind.  It seems lately that these two love to argue and aggravate the other one.  Tis the season I guess.  It is really nice to capture these moments.
 Cooper, the birthday boy, and Ella enjoying an icee.  These things are a must at the lake.  They are delicious. 
 I laugh at this picture and it is hard to see but all the cousins are loaded up for a spin on the golf cart.  Chance, Garrett, Cash and Cooper.  Cooper was ready to hit the road to ride.  The big boys were all enjoying an icee. 

 Then it was birthday time.  Ella decided to help Cooper with the presents.  Love the excitement with little one for opening presents.  The present here is clothes.  Too funny his expression after he opened the box.

 After pizza, cake, gifts and more.  The family headed outside for a volleyball game.  Great memories were made.  I love that we live close to our family.  My mom has 4 brothers and sisters.  Then with sons, daughters, cousins and friends there is a crew of people.  

Happy Father's Day to my dad
Happy 6th Birthday to Cooper.

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