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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Break Day 1 and Day 2

We officially have a week off from school.  We had testing last week and co-op ended last week.  We are headed to the finish line.  

Year 4 of homeschooling will be over in 35 more days.  

So to give us a strong finish, I felt that we needed a full week of rest and relaxation.  Also, public school in our neighborhood is on spring break.  It is extremely hard for us to school as the neighbors knock on our door to play.

So, I felt the urge to paint.

Laundry Room
Still need some decorations for the finishing touches but over all it's clean.

 As I was cleaning, the laundry room, I found the bag of sippy cups I cleaned out of the cabinets about a year ago.  I didn't have the heart to throw them away.  Why?  Not sure.  This meant that the little stage was over.  I wasn't sure I was ready to let that go.  Sippy Cups have been in our house for about 12 years now.  

Well yesterday was the day.  NO MORE sippy cups for the Weddines ( I know,  Not a big deal but I want to remember this)

 Wisdom Tooth boy graduated to eating oatmeal with melted chocolate chips.
 "Never tasted so good"
 Ella's present for Easter was a new kite, a girl kite.  Yesterday was the perfect day.  
Kite Flying we go.
 Another day of painting for me
Seth's newly painted room

The black wall is the new chalkboard paint.  

Having to wait 24 hours to dry.  He can't wait to try it out.  (I'm sure pictures will 
follow soon, once he can write on it.)

Loving the new room.

Still have minor decorating to go but all in all, the big stuff is done.

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