"But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD." Joshua 24:15d

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Beautiful Weather

We have  been blessed with some beautiful weather.  Every afternoon, the pictures below seems to be what we do.

Garrett started lacrosse a few weeks back.  Both boys bought new lacrosse sticks.  

I like this picture.  Seth pretty much sleeps with his.  This was him one morning.  
He had it in his room and brought it out with him one morning.

Seth loves to ride the four - wheeler.  This boy would love to have
land out in the country.  I'm afraid we would never see him.

 Garrett coming up the hill with stick in hand.  He helped his dad with a few projects but the stick
went everywhere he went.  He hardly lays it down.  Reminds me of the days
when he was 2 and 3 with a hockey stick in his hand.
Practice last night - little blurry but wanted to remember this
 Even though our weather has been incredible.  I love my coffee.  Ahh!  Starbucks opened a new store that has a drive thru.  Big mistake for me.  Too easy to buzz through and order
It makes it worst because I have gift cards.  
Regular coffee with caramel flavoring and creme.  
Love it.

Ella and I made our way to our cousins house to ride horses.  Ella jumped on the four-wheeler with Cooper, who is 5.  Cooper is the driver.  That boy just zooms around the farm like he means business.  
They were going to catch the horse.

The early spring draws us outside each day.  Loving the warm weather.
Spring reminds me that all things dead become new again.  

God is amazing in his creation. 

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