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Monday, November 14, 2011

A little behind . . so here is the details

 Happy 40th Birthday to me.  Yes!  It is hard to believe but Nov. 8, 2011 came and so that makes me 40.  We went to eat with my family at Olive Garden.  Seth and Ella were loving the chocolate cake.  It is so nice to have the love and support from your family.  I am very thankful that we all live close by so that we can see each other often.
 Garrett dipping his ear in the water.  Science experiment call for the unthinkable sometimes.   He needed the kitchen sink with spoons on a string.  Sound really does travel through water.  I love his face.

Saturday was a day that we have all been looking forward too.  Well, Jeff especially.  
His BIG MARATHON date was upon us.  The kids and I decorated the house with crate paper and motivational signs.  Each one made 4 signs.  It was incredible to see the thoughts that each one of them put into their signs.  We laid hands on Jeff Friday night and prayed over him.

 So sweet.  I was very uptight Saturday morning.  I prayed very hard for his health all day.  I could not wait to hear that he had crossed the finish line.  The race began at 7:45 am.  He left home at 5:00.  It was a long morning.  I was in tears once I heard from him.  So thankful he accomplished something that he worked so hard.  An incredible task.  He ran for 4 hours and 53 minutes.  

Clara's Tea Party was Saturday night.  Ella could not wait.  It is hard to believe she is so big to participate. 

 Heading out the door all dressed up.  She wanted to be "fancy". 
Ella and Anna Li with Clara.  Both of the girls are cherubs in the Nutcracker.  

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