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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011

I didn't now if Rapunzel was going to appear or not.  She had only worn the hair for 2 seconds each time we put it on.  Well, she was very excited.  The hair stayed on all night.

   Cooper decided to come and T or T with us.  We were so excited to have him and Lori.

 Papa brought the trailer and golf cart again.  It is amazing when the grandkids ask, the answer is "yes".
Cooper, Seth peeping in the back, Ella and Cash.

 Ella's candy stash when she got home.  Her bucket was so heavy.  She would always ring the doorbell, say T or T, and then thank you.  She ran to every door and back to the trailer.  She was one tough Rapunzel.

Seth and Cash decided to put their candy together.  Each one picked out their favorite kinds. 

We had a fun night.  The little ones were exhausted.  Cooper said, "He was puffed out".  Thought I would never stop laughing when I heard him.  Lots of fun and memories made.

This starts the holiday eating, right?  Glad I am running again.

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