"But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD." Joshua 24:15d

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

1st Thanksgiving at our house

Thanksgiving 2011 was our 1st time to host for Jeff's family.  I was a bit nervous and excited. The part that I was worried about was cleaning.  OH! how I don't like to clean.  I was worried about cooking, entertaining or any other part.  Just Cleaning - oh how I don't like to clean  AAHHH!!!!

We made hand print placemats earlier in the week. 

 Seth, my perfectionist, made 3 until he was happy with the way it looked.

 Each day for 6 days we added leaves to our back window. 

Each leaf filled in the blank of:
The _________________ I'm most thankful for
We did
* friend
*book of the Bible
* season
* drink
* color
* person
* school subject
It was alot of fun to hear the answers
Ella decided to make place cards for everyone. 

I pulled out our china.  It was a sweet memory to look at each plate.  Some of the flatware was still in plastic wrap with the gift card of the person who gave us the gift for our wedding.  (That's really sad but I never had a reason to use all 8 place settings).  I think I need to entertain more often?!?

It was a blessed Thanksgiving.  It truly is a blessing to be surrounded by family that we see often.  We don't have to travel out of town to eat yummy food, visit with family, and enjoy the beautiful weather. 

I think that Thanksgiving will be a new norm for our house.  By the way, I did all the cooking except for the Turkey and Dressing and Gravy. 

Maybe I should post what we had so that next Thanksgiving I want have to rack my brain to remember the menu.
I made mashed potatoes, sweet potatoe casserole with marshmellows, green beans, crock pot mac n cheese, and pumpkin crunch, and pretzels dipped in white chocolate. 

We even made turkey cookies.

I really counted my blessings.

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