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Friday, August 19, 2011

Welcom to 4th Grade - Seth

It is hard to believe that Seth is a 4th grader.  Garrett was in 4th grade when we started homeschooling.   I feel like I have this grade handled.  Well at least it feels familiar. 

Seth starts his day the same as Ella.  After family devotion and prayer, Seth begins his day on his weekly sheet.  I have all of his assignments written out for the week.  He knows what order to do his work and when he needs me. 

I am so glad I captured this face. He is my perfectionist.  So when things don't go just right, this is what I see.  On top of that, he couldn't believe I was taking his picture. 
So he does a Reason for Handwriting, Analogies, and English (from Bob Jones). 

He looks like he is really working.  Ha - remember the picture before this one?

English again - better attitude this time. 

Yeah  a smile - his favorite part this year - Math - Teaching Textbook math program is all on DVD/computer.  He is loving it.  He jumps right to this.  This has freed me up to work with the others ones. 

Spelling Power - he is calling out Garrett's spellind words - then Garrett calls out his.  Love when they work together.  It was so funny to hear the sentences they came up with for each other.  Never knew spelling could be so fun.

To his room to read.  He is reading Sonlight 4 books.  American History themes.  This ties into our History  -American History part 2.  For science, we are studying Astronomy.  Remembering building the solar system? He builds one the end of next week. 

He is still doing TaeKwonDoe.  We are signing up for piano that will start in September. 

Seth is very intense with his work.  He likes to get things perfect.  He enjoys working but gets very frustrated and frustrated quickly at that.  Seth gives lots of hugs during the day.  He loves being at home.

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