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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy July 4th

It was fun to be together as a family.  The kids were excited about their silly glasses.  So I had to join them.

Our day started out by going with Ella to celebrate in our little town of Unionville.  I can remember coming to Unionville as a child to celebrate.  Once I got a little bigger, my dance group would come clog on the 4th of July.  Who knew when I grew up that we would like 2 seconds from this little square. 
So Ella:
face painted
rode the train
rode the swings
the bumpy slide
help decorate our house
swam with dad at Noni's
enjoyed a 4th of July drink
played carnival games (sack race with trash bags)
fire works

All this in one day. 
After going to the Unionville celebration, we headed to Noni's to swim.  Several others friends joined us there.  We enjoyed a BBQ supper, homemade icecream, sparklers, glow sticks, and then fireworks.  Ella went to sleep in her bed but woke up on the couch.  (her new place to sleep)

So not to leave the boys out, here is pictures of them. 
Seth swimming with dad well floating anyway
Garrett with his big cousin, Will
Seth sitting with Beckett as supper
The BOYS of the party
Glow stick Seth

We love doing glow sticks for the kids.  We watch fireworks from Noni's neighbor's yard.  In order to keep up with the kids (all 6 of them) we had our glow sticks.  They decorate their arms, ankles, and necks. 

We had an enjoyable 4th.  The best part is Jeff having a day off to enjoy with us.  Ella is already wanting to know when will it be the 4th of July again!

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