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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Welcome to the Country - Down South

Last night, we were in the country.  We have friends that own a little country store.  They were celebrating their one year anniversary.  BBQ, games, jumper, bluegrass, homemade ice cream.  Well storms have been passing our way the pass couple of days but the rain had moved on by the time the children were ready to play. 

Ella and Daddy enjoying supper outside on the bench.  (Ella is trying to show me her heart painted on her face.  Thank goodness we didn't stand in line for 1 hour this time.)
Seth playing a game.  The other two in the picture are friends from church.
The little girl in the picture just had a hair cut.  She had 11 inches cut off to donate to Locks of Love.  Way to go Hailey.
Ella having a turn.  She actually got one in.  The system was to play the game.  If you won the game, you picked up a rock and took it to the prize lady.  She would let you pick from the candy bucket.  Do you think Honesty was a problem???  It is nice to be surrounded by people who live by the same standards you do.

All Children love the bouncy.  Ella is the big blurr - green and purple.
Hey finally a picture of Garrett.  A head taller than anyone else.  He is easy to pick out of a crowd.
No games for him - just chatting.
Seth and his posse.  These three little boys are what the definition of friends should be.  FUN, maybe a little TROUBLE, and SILLY

We had fun just hanging out as a family. 
Way to go Sholars on making it through the first year as owners of Old Hargett Store.

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