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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy 3rd of July

Since July 4th is on Sunday, it has given us two days to enjoy.  Today as the traditional July 4th celebration for our little town, Unionville.  This celebration has been going on since I was a little girl.  I remember coming to the celebration as a child with my parents.  I even danced a few years. 
Ella, Seth and I went to the fun just right up the road from our house.

Ella loves to have her face painted.  We stood in line for 1 hr and 20 mins for this precious look. 

The huge bumpy slide.  You slide on a burlap sacks.  Ella was alittle timid at first but had a smile a the bottom.
I love the sweetness of Seth, the big brother, standing with his little sister.  She finds great comfort just him being around her.
Ready to ride.  Ella become frightened half way through the ride.  Seth reached across and held her hands for the rest of the ride. 
The train ride through town.

Happy 3rd of July.  More celebrating to come tomorrow after church - swimming, picnic, and fireworks at Noni and Papa's

Just for a little laugh.
The prize from the dentist several weeks ago.  Silly teeth.  haha
Garrett sporting his teeth.  Funny

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