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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Forgotten Pictures

Garrett was so willing to do the video for VBS this year.  Our theme is western, on the ranch.  So off to my cousin's house to film.  After the video shoot, Ella was eager to ride a real horse. 

We searched high and low for these boots.  These are a pair that the boys had.  I could find on but where or where was the other. 

This is Ella and her cousin Cooper.  He is 2 months older than Ella.

So onto today.

Slip and Slide again
Seth and Ella even slid in the 2 rain showers.

This is one of our favorite spots in the summer.  The hammock provides alot of entertainment. 

We learned that we could pick up the Make it Kits that Lowes has on Saturday morning for free.  We brought them home and made them.  This is Ella building her car.  She did all the hammering.

Seth loves to build and make.  He was so thrilled.  This is the hood lifting up to show the engine. 

Garrett and Ella made dessert for supper.  Chocolate Souffles - Delicious

Garrett is mixing the pudding

Ella was the pourer in the cups - Got to love a mess that mom gets to clean up after everyone did their part.  It is so hard for me to let them try and then I have to clean up the mess

They were yummy.  Chocolate pudding with cool whip and Orea cookies. 

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